DIY Modular Drawer System - Parts List

DIY Modular Drawer System - Parts List

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Below is a list of items used to complete the 4th Generation 4Runner drawer system.  

  • Section 1: Required Components

    • Sub-total Cost: $626.75

  • Section 2: Finishing (Optional)

    • Sub-total Cost: $96.20

  • Section 3: Accessories (Optional)

    • Sub-total Cost $1,558.15

  • Total Estimated Cost: $2281.10

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*Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that this is a document that I used for myself as a reference when building the drawer system. This is not a guarantee of the product, nor is it a guarantee that this will be correct for your build. This is meant to serve as a reference, not instruction. Do your own research to see what may be right for you. 

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