Product Discovery: Inflatable Kayak

Product Discovery: Advanced Airframe Convertible Kayak - DS

This tandem kayak was a wonderful addition to my arsenal of toys. 
With a high PSI drop-stitch floor, lumbar adjustable seats, and compact storage - this kayak checked all the boxes.


Overall this kayak tracks well, is easy enough for one individual to lift, and when deflated- fits inside the storage tray on top of my James Baroud tent. I feel it is the best of both worlds and truly adds another asepct to camping on the waterfront. 

The product link to the right is for the $200 less, non "DS" version. 
This kayak is the same item, without the drop stitch floor. Though I love the dropstitch floor and the rigidiy it adds, this may be a better fit for someone looking to first test the waters with a more entry level price. (no pun intended) 
If you like it, you can always buy and install the drop stitch floor at a later date. 

Adam Klick